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Conditions Treated

Physical pain

  • ** Migraine
  • ** Headache
  • ** Arthritis
  • ** Joint pain
  • ** Muscle pain
  • ** TMJ
  • ** Frozen Shoulder
  • ** Tennis Elbow
  • ** Neck Pain
  • ** Back Pain
  • ** Knee Pain
  • ** Foot Pain
  • ** Menstrual Pain
  • ** Breast Pain
  • ** Stomach Pain

Emotional Stress

  • ** Anxiety
  • ** Depression
  • ** Insomnia
  • ** Palpitation
  • ** Headache
  • ** Mood Swing
  • ** Anger
  • ** Fear
  • ** Fatigue
  • ** Irritability

Featured Conditions

  • ** Infertility
  • ** Miscarriage
  • ** Anovulation
  • ** Labor Induction
  • ** Urinary Tract Infection
  • ** Painful Period
  • ** Fibromyalgia
  • ** Impotence
  • ** Sleep Disorders
  • ** Singles
  • ** Bell’s Palsy
  • ** Post-stroke Recovery
  • ** Sports Injury Recovery
  • ** Car Accident Recovery
  • ** Weight Loss
  • ** Allergies
  • ** Sinusitis
  • ** Morning Sickness
  • ** PMS
  • ** Hormonal Imbalance

Medical Qigong & Tai Chi Products / Classes

Instructional DVD will provide you with step-by-step demonstrations and detailed slow movements that are specially designed for you to learn easily.
Tai Chi
Medical Qigong (DVD is avalable) --- Moving Meditation Meditation is a graceful exercise that balances all parts of the body including the internal organs – heart, lungs, liver, kidney, digestive tract, reproductive organs, as well as the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. These flowing movements are designed especially to help people reach a better mind-body communication, mental concentration, physical relaxation, stress reduction, and energy recovery, as well as maintain a healthy body weight. Classes and private training are available.

Better Health.
Better Life.
DVD for Tai Chi - Part 1, 2 and 3 all are available

This instructional program contains three parts of the Tai Chi series based on the Wu style. Each part is designed to be learned and remembered easily.

Tai Chi
All you need to do is follow the moves.
At first, Dr. Xu shows the whole sequence at normal speed. The second time it is in slow motion and the third time instructions are given at key points in close-up detail followed by a slow motion demonstration. Each move of every part is precisely shown in order to make it simple and easy to follow.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi may offer a number of benefits including:
* Reducing anxiety and depression
* Improving balance and coordination
* Slowing bone loss in women after menopause
* Lowering blood pressure
* Boosting cardiovascular and respiratory energy for better function
* Relieving chronic pain
* Improving daily functioning
* Strengthening the immune system

In addition, Tai Chi can heal a number of chronic disorders directly once you are practicing consistently.

Classes and private lessons are available.

To make an appointment, please call (615) 356-5201.

Mark C. Xu, M.D., M.S., L.Ac.


Dr. Xu is a licensed acupuncturist with a medical research doctor’s background using innovative and effective methods to handle clinical challenges for improving the quality of your life.

Please call Dr.Xu
(615) 356-5201

I have neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain. I had shoulder replacement surgeries in 2007 and 2009. MRI was performed that indicated neck and lower back osteoarthritis and disc degeneration. I went to the pain care center and they gave me several cortisone shorts and pain medicine, but the pain was still there. Today I see Dr. Xu and under his acupuncture care I feel much better and I can play golf with my husband and friends. -- G

Thank you Dr. Xu for your professional acupuncture service and loving care. I feel much better. -- I

Dr. Xu is informative, caring and helpful. His clinic is clean and comfortable. I do believe his acupuncture treatment is relaxing and effective. -- A

I feel very comfortable and confident when I come to see you as always. Thank you Dr. Xu. -- K

After an acupuncture treatment course, I feel less stress, better sleep and more energy. I have definitely had an improved quality of my life. -- C

I want to say thank you Dr. Xu and I appreciate your great care and pay detailed attention to me. -- M

After acupuncture treatments, I feel so relaxed, comfortable and I am very happy. -- J

My chronic lower back pain is relieved and functioning is recovered by acupuncture treatment. I am happy with the results because I have an overall improved quality of my life. I would refer others; also I would come back, if something else comes up. -- M

Better Health
Better Life